Migration Problem



I want to migrate a WordPress website. I started migration near 12:00 PM IST, 31/10/2017, yet not finished. Whole day wasted.

What should I do?

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Strange, didn’t you get any error while migrating? Did it just get stuck?

I am curious to know if you can see part of the data on Cloudways server that you were trying to migrate to?


It just stopped. I have migrated many site for my clients, this is a first time I am noticing where in the last moment, it stuck.


I suppose its possible the migration IP was blocked by the origin server. I had this happen and had to simply abort, destroy application in cloudways and restart.


Same problem I have when I first migrated my site here in CW. In my case it is because the site has a huge files with it.

The support said that time CW migrator support 1gb files beyond that success is lowered.

I managed to migrate my site using updraftplus premium migrator.

Hope this will help and sorry for bad english.


Hi @gulshankumar

I am apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Did you try the migration again? And did the process show any error on why it failed?

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I couldn’t try again for some reason, as my client simply refused for taking further action.

It was a bad day. Firstly it took a lots of time in creating DO server. That’s somehow ok. Second migration stuck.

I started migration near 12:00PM, and waited till 7:35PM. Migration couldn’t finish in that much time. No error message. Only thing, I know that site had lots of user based content, mostly images, had BuddyPress plugin installed.

I was migrating from GoDaddy to CW in hope everything will go smoothly.

If I were aware anything that Blogvault can stuck, I initially had tried migrating manually step by step.

Anyway, I am happy with CW services for so far. Just this was an unexpected situation.

Ironic, I tried contacting support team they said, it will take 3 days if I request migration services. Now tell me, will a client wait for 3 days for simple migration?? Isn’t just a WTF moment!


If they were on Godaddy already, I’d suggest they use Godaddy’s Basic WordPress Hosting for $8/month. :wink: Super fast and daily backups. The ONLY advantage of CW is cache exclusions.

The migration plugin fails about 50% of the time for me, too. I never let it go for more than an hour without progress. When it gets stuck, I just do the migration manually. No big deal.


Guys after one year - things haven’t changed a lot. I haven’t had any success migrating any of my site. the plugin fails all the time. Not even sure whether it works or not. It does not even says what is wrong - Not a good user experience - I really wish Cloudways has done something better for this one.


Hi @kinjallimited

Apologise for the inconvenience occurred. Have you tried contacting the support?
By the way, what is the website size and from whom you are migrating?