Migration in Progress what's next


I currently have migration done by support, since I don’t have any technical knowledge.

Just received the confirmation it’s underway: “We will let you know the details on the separate ticket once the migration is completed. Please be informed that the managed migration can take up to 24 hours to complete.”

I have a few questions, please.
This is a live WordPress website with 15-20 posts per day and a member forum.

I guess I have to hold off posting new content until when …?
Also, can I use the add-on plugin to have support set up DNS, SSL and change my DNS for domain emails?

I previously had Siteground optimizer for the cache. Is a caching setup included in the migration?

Thank you

For proper response, you should ask these in your tech support ticket instead of here, @aborcherding23.

This is a community forum with very little participation from Cloudways staff.

For some quick info:

  • You’ll need to wait to post anything new until you get the notification that your migration has completed and you have finished updating your DNS to point to the new server.
  • Any forum posts posted after the migration starts, and until the new site’s DNS has propagated will be lost
  • Unless you are paying extra for your DNS to be managed by Cloudways, they will not be able to make the DNS changes for the live site - you’ll need to make those changes wherever the dns is currently hosted. Typically for Cloudways I recommend having your DNS hosted at the registrar where the domain name is registered, or at Cloudflare.)
  • I don’t think support will set up your SSL - you’ll need to do that manually in the CW dashboard. Confirm that directly with your support tech. (You’ll have to wait until the DNS changes have fully propagated until you can set up your SSL certificate.)
  • Same goes for DNS adjustments for email - you’ll need to do those manually. For best deliverability of emails sent by your website (new subscriber notifications, order confirmations etc) you’ll want to set up and configure an SMTP service for your website as well. Cloudways has an inexpensive addon for this available as one option.
  • NOTE that Cloudways doesn’t host your email mailbox for your own personal emails the way Siteground did. You’ll need to migrate your email service to new email provider. CW has a special deal with Rackspace for this, or you can use Outlook365, Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) etc. If you’re going to set up GSuite, I can provide a discount coupon for you.

Hope that will give your the basic info until you can firm with your tech support ticket.