Migration from Linode to CloudWays

I have a functional Drupal 8 true multisite that is currently on Linode and want to migrate to CloudWays. My current server instance is larger (4GB upgraded from 2GB, only for the increased swap space) than the Free Trial 2GB size.

I would like to rely on your expertise with your platform to do the initial migration, do I have to use the 4GB size to start?

Will CloudWays be providing MariaDB 10.4.13 and PHP version 7.4.x in the future to accomodate the Drupal 9 requirements?

Currently the composer file included with the one-click installation is obsolete, is this a non-issue when you do a migration?

**Any issues or gotchas I ned to know about while I consider migrating to CloudWays and developing with Drupal 8 on it?