Migrated my wordpress sites from another host - cloudways broke them and refused to take responsbility for it

TLDR - basically support kept pushing the blame and said it was my problem despite me using their WP plugin. Also, I keep a copy of the migrated site on the old host and they worked perfectly

I migrated a few sites from Flywheel to save cost. This was done via Cloudway’s WP plugin.

Immediately I am unable to install ANY plugins on CW. Support promised they are taking this seriously and flagged my issue as high priority.

BUT every time an email is sent to them, a new support staff replies it.

It would be fine if they solved this issue but NOOO.

They blamed the PHP, my developer, the plugin and every support staff kept repeating and asking the same questions where answers could have been found in the thread.

Obviously, something in the process of migration broke the sites but CW refused to acknowledge the problem and pushed the blame to me.

Their support is very low level and simply do not care even though the issue lies with them.

So you can expect zero support or service from CW if you are hosted with them. Good luck.

PS. if any of the management actually reads this - please reference [#314505]

[https://share.getcloudapp.com/o0uPgKK6](http://screencap of conversation from support )

Apparently according to this staff, expecting something as basic common sense and a decent level of service is a “gesture of goodwill”. FYI this was probably the 9th reply and they are still asking me the same question of how I have done my migration. insert face palm emoji

I am too finding out that Cloudways is horrible for support. Don’t try to get any help from tech support that is not very basic. You will be redirected to a mound of tutorials and massive frustration in the end. I have been with them for a week and beginning to think I made a huge mistake. No useful help whatsoever!

Same here! I only migrated few days ago and i don’t want to stay. I’m looking elsewhere but i dont think i can migrate a broken website. But no one can help me fix it. I will go to media. I chose them cos web developer YouTubers recommend them. I will let them know. I don’t want other people to go thru the same. Support is horrible. 100 tickets and always different person. Worse then the cheapest hosting i had 2 years ago.

Sorry to hear this.

Prior to me switching to Cloudways I read other user feedback the plugin can cause some issues. Customers are able to request “managed migrations” by an engineer to my understanding which I read others said worked better. Hopefully this suggestion helps someone in future if they didn’t know that was an option. I would verify with chat support to confirm.