Managing lots of WordPress websites

Hey there,

We’ve been growing the number of sites we manage here and now have between 60 and 70 sites. We are starting to lose track of billing and active websites.

In the past, we used WHMCS which worked great for this. Has anyone found a way to automate and connect sites for easier management?

After many months the only solution that seems reasonable would be to use Woocommerce and build a plugin that integrates subscriptions with Cloudways.

If anyone has experience with this any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

How are you hosting your WP sites? Are you giving each WP install it’s own application on Cloudways or do you host a WP multisite under one application?

Hi, we used to use multisite for apps but switched to individual installs. I’m basically thinking of building a plug-in to interface to Cloudways API but not sure of the cost. It would be great if there were integrations built.

There is a plugin that was initially created for achieving this with DigitalOcean+Serverpilot+EasyDigitalDownloads but the developer is actively working on adding Cloudways+Woocommerce support and it should become available next year.

You can find it at: - Or just search for WP Cloud Server in WordPress Plugins.
Note that the Cloudways+Woocommerce module/integration is not available yet. You’re welcome to contact the developer to enquire about it, as I have. It should come soon!

Thank you for the info! I’ll contact the developer once he’s past beta so we can get our systems in line.