Make the staging feature usable for Magento 2

At the moment the staging area is useless for Magento installations (or any other store installtions). The whole point of a staging area is so you can work on the site without risk breaking the live site and then you can push your changes live.

If you try this on a Magento Store (or WordPress if you use WooCommerce) you’re not able to do this as the database is over-written with the staging site which has out of date orders and customer files, which of course leads to missing orders.

It seems like a simple fix, give us the option to exclude database tables from being migrated, sure I select to not migrate the database all together but on a database driven site how useful is this?? Most of the changes we make are within the Database.

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Hey there,

Thanks for the quick suggestion. I have forwarded your query to the relevant department, they will look into this matter as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot!

@m.fayyaz if you guys are going to work on adding this functionality, it’s also important on WordPress sites that in addition to choosing tables to push/pull, we need to be able to choose which post types to push/pull. WordPress lumps WooCommerce orders, form submissions, pages, posts, image details, and more into the wp_posts table. The post_type column of this table tells you what the post type is, and if we could push/pull based on this, that would be super useful for the same reasons that Magento users would find it useful to push/pull on a per table basis.

Hey @russell

Thanks for the suggestion. Forwarded your query as well! :slight_smile:

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