MageMonkey v1.2.6.1 isn't letting me configure the plugin?


I am running MageMonkey v1.2.6.1on Magento I can confirm that cron is running and that I am not getting any php errors in relation to MageMonkey v1.2.6.

When someone subscribes to a newsletter, Magento is logging the email address as confirmed by Newsletter / Newsletter Subscriptions. New users are logged as Unconfirmed.

My issue is that MageMonkey v1.2.6 is not delivering any new users to Mailchimp, and hence the rest of the signup process doesn’t work.

System / Magemonkey / Mailchimp is showing that it is enabled and that the API key is entered. I also reapplied the API in the hope of resetting everything by pressing Change API Credentials.

However, account details just show - Enter your API Keys First -. And hence I am unable to select my Mailchimp list and nothing works?

Has anyone else experienced this issue and can offer some pointers towards a solution?