Looking for an SEO Sub-Contractor

Hi all!

I’m a wordpress designer / front-end developer in Australia

I’ve started a small web agency building sites for other small businesses called Slide Space: https://slidespace.com.au/
and im looking for someone to help with SEO research

I mainly need help with keyword research for clients, finding the best keywords for them to target as I’ve got a copywriter who can take care of content

It’s just a case of researching the keywords for clients (and providing any other SEO assistance where possible) then I’ll get my copywriter to do up the content & I’ll put it all together

It’d be at an hourly rate, happy to discuss what price suits for everyone involved
I really value efficiency, quality & honesty. Complete transparency & getting the work done is key.
If that sounds like you suit, please email me below

Thanks for your time,

Email here: hello@slidespace.com.au


I am a Cloudways user and do keyword research for my clients , but it depend on hour price offer.

Can you let me know your offer?

I didn’t know this post is 4 yrs ago