Log viewing and Cloudways

I am using Cloudways and have a folder full of logs for each “application” which i know i can access via SSH / FTP.

I used to use https://papertrailapp.com/ but its not supported on Cloudways as you don’t have root / Sudo. Is there a logging solution that can connect via SSH / FTP to the log directory and show the logs in a nice way? Could be a Cloud solution or desktop (Mac). I assume not something I can install on the server itself, as it would need access to the separate logging folders?

http://pimpmylog.com/ works OK for us on Cloudways,

Thanks!. This looks perfect. How do you have this setup. Per Application ? or you setup a PHP Application which you run this and then point to each the applications logs ? Does that work using the superadmin password ? been a bit confused about permissions etc with Cloudways.

Per application. Create a folder and upload the files. Config and then go. Doesn’t require a Cloudways password.