Live chat support not working

Live chat support not working
I can’t contact the support team via live chat.

Working over here - make sure you clear any browser cache. Also it would help to understand what’s the symptoms, are we saying the window doesn’t appear or nothing would happen if you try to chat?

I have had this problem for months, and Cloudways never does anything about it. It’s always greyed out. (HighSierra/Chrome or Safari)

Strange, I’ve never had any issues with HighSierra/Chrome, not any other MacOS version for what it matters. Since you said you have used two different browsers, I’m also excluding the fact that it might be some kind of browser plugin issue or cache. Do you have this problem anywhere specific - let’s say in the office? I’m trying to pin point any plausible reason why it wouldn’t work for you.

Live chat still not working. Normal Chrome. Normal Macbook. It’s never worked and I am sick of Cloudways inability to do anything about it.

Hi @srowe,

You seem to have not understood my question; does this problem with Livechat happen anywhere you might be connected or is it always happening at particular location? Also, are you aware of any other place which you have problem connecting to their chat and they are using the same Chat plugin provider? Livechat is a provider of its own, hence their chat system might be present on multiple platforms you might be using.

As said before, I’m trying to pin point any plausible reason why it wouldn’t work for you.

It works on one MacBook, but not on 2 others. They are different vintages but all updated and running standard Chrome.