Litespeed - Is it possible in the future?

Hi, I know Cloudways uses apache with NGINX as a reverse proxy. I was wondering if you had any plans to have an option for Litespeed?

I find that litespeed in comparison is 100x faster than Nginx as a reverse proxy. Nginx as a reverse proxy only speeds up static content and many of us use Wordpress that contains dynamic content.


My experience with Litespeed is that it is amazing! has a very good Litespeed stack.

Hi @erich_197,

Thank you for pointing out Litespeed. If there is a plan of bringing this technology to our existing stack; we will definitely announce it on our community and blog.


I would also be interested as litespeed seems the only real good solution for slow wordpress woocommerce shops…

Lightspeed would be great!

Yes please, any plan to bring it live other than “If we do it you will know on our blog”? Is it on your road map or not? It’s clearly a much better solution for WP than Nginx by all means. By the way, you can install a $5 droplet pre configured on Digital Ocean with LiteSpeed. Now with no clear answer from CW I’ll start migrating my clients to DO as the speed gain is just a no brainer.

Love that answer that is not really an answer.

Please please please. I tested litespeed in a VPS in DigitalOcean and the performance was AMAZING! Even thinking about moving all my apps there.

Please create a thread on our official feedback channel and up vote the feature request.

Ibad Rehman

There are several request for litespeed on the feedback site. I’ve upvoted them but half of them are riddled with spam comments.


Please create a thread on our official feedback6 channel and up vote the feature request.
Ibad Rehman

As erich_197 said, there are several requests about litespeed on the feedback site. However, the feedback page has become unusable. It is full of spam. Affiliates posts are everywhere and hasnt been updated for ages. There are ideas marked as planned or working that have been released months ago.

As for litespeed now. There are many tests out there about Litespeed performance. It is more than 10x times faster than Apache and can handle far more requests. Its not just an improvement, but an enormous improvement.

Let’s say that you don’t care about the current user base. It will be a great selling point for new customers. Litespeed has become more and more popular and you can find out there Cloudways alternatives offering just Litespeed. You need to hit that market before it’s too late.

Please consider it and let us know if there is a reason to NOT implement Litespeed in the foreseeable future. We should plan accordingly.

Kind Regards,

Hello, @tasosventouris,

There is no question about the performance of Litespeed and thank you for shedding light on this. We take the customer’s feedback seriously and strive to roll out the requested feaures as frequently as possible. As far as our adoption of Litespeed is concerned, currently there are no plans for it. Implementing new technology into an existing stack requires a considerable amount of time, research, and resources and its not an overnight process.

Our dev team is fully aware of this requested feature and there is a good chance that they will be adding it to our stack in the near future. However, it is difficult to give any ETA at this point.

Your cooperation in this regard is highly appreciated!

Thank You.
Ibad Rehman

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I am fully aware of the complexity to create a new infrastructure and not looking for an ETA. Actually your answer was exactly what I needed. What I wanted is to know if there is any reason to NOT implement litespeed anytime in the future.