Let's Encrypt Wildcard Certs


“Work for the LE wildcard is in progress, we are expecting its release by June end.”

That’s not an update. It’s past “June end”.

This has been going on now for almost 4 months now.


Ah… my bad. Currently, our DevOps team is occupied with mission-critical tasks such as stagging and other platform related improvements. Integration of Wildcard Certs is in the process and soon will be deployed along with other upgrades.

I appreciate your cooperation in this regard.


In other words…

It’s on the back burner and you have no idea when it will be implemented.



Why did you lie about it back in April then?


Any news on this ? A timeframe ? Something…


If you go by what they said last it should be this week. :::fingers crossed:::


true true… and hopefully it will be implemented :slight_smile:


And here we are at the end of the week and of course, it hasn’t been done. :frowning:


Hello all,

Thanks for the trust and patience you put in. The WildCard SSL is now available on Cloudways platform. Here is the Knowledgebase with important instructions, kindly give it a thorough read.

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The current implementation of Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL is not very useful. It limits you on using mapped domains for sub-domains. With current implementation, you are forced to not use any mapped domain for any of your sub-domains or you loose the SSL certificate.

If mapped domains can not be provided SSL through wildcard, there should at least be an option to add mapped domains separately for SSL. But cloudways does not provide any such option. You either use wildcard with restriction that you can not map any of your sub-domains or you map some of your sub-domains and not use the wildcard - instead add all your sites manually as previously. Really frustrating outcome of waiting months for let’s encrypt wildcard ssl.