Let's Encrypt Wildcard Certs


Now that Let’s Encrypt has officially released wildcard certs, well, into the wild, are there any plans to implement them any time soon? An ETA would be awesome.




Given that it means switching to the new provisioning API and some new verification procedures, I’m betting it will be a little while.

Also curious to see how quickly CW comes out with it. They’ve been pretty quick with such tech upgrades in the past.


Well, it looks like Siteground beat Cloudways to this:

That’s disappointing.

Seriously, an OFFICIAL answer on this would be nice rather than silence. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Is anyone from Cloudways going to respond to this???


Hey @ron

We are currently in the testing phase. It will be added soon :slight_smile:


Hi Sir!

What’s the status of the Let’s Encrypt Wildcard certs implementation on Cloudways?


@mustaasam.saleem How is the testing going?
I’ve had no joy setting up wildcard ssl on my own Google Cloud server so if you can get this working I’d be interested in relocating,


Hi @patrick2 we are still working on it. :slight_smile:


May I know when will you release this feature? I wanted to convince my workmates that we stick to Cloudways. We are in need of this feature.


Ok…this is bullshit.

It doesn’t take 1-1/2 months to get this up and running.

WHEN is this going to be up and running?

“Soon” is not good enough.


Updates please on Let’s encrypt wildcard SSL?


Any updates on the let’s encrypt wild card ssl implementation on cloudways?


hey, any updates on this ?


We need wild card certs. pleaseeeee we need an updates/status. Thank you!


Is there a reason that you’re IGNORING your PAYING CUSTOMERS on this issue???


Had to submit a ticket to get an answer to this.

Id like to inform you here, our team is working on the wildcard SSL issue and there are some issues from Lets Encrypt end and our team is sorting out and when the issues will resolve then we will launch this feature for our customers. We know that many customers are waiting for this feature and we are trying our level best to get this feature asap. Right now there is no ETA for this.

Interesting that Siteground didn’t seem to have any issues.

This is simply pathetic…


Any updates? It’s taking too longggggggg.


Again…looking for an OFFICIAL update on this!!!


And YET AGAIN…what is the status of this?


@ron Sorry for a delayed response. Our DevOps team has already started working. You can check the status and ETA here: