Let's Encrypt SSL Certification possible server wide?


What we are looking for

We are looking for a reliable and consistent process to store Let’s Encrypt SSL Certifications in one central place (Application) server-wide for different domains/subdomains.


We would like to have a more secure and reliable workaround for the still missing «real staging environment».
Our approach today have lot of steps and at the end the Certifications mixed from the related Domain.


Rarely it is possible to generate Let’s Encrypt SSL Certification server-wide. For this we create a new DNS-Record for «ssl.mysite.com» and a Application «SSL.mysite.com» with Primary Domain «ssl.mysite.com».

Therein we generate LE-Cert for ssl.mysite.com like described in «ssl for multisides«. (We are not using wordpress as CMS. But I guess it is the same approach.)
In next step, we generate all other needed Certs for all domains and subdomains for our «workaround-staging-environment»

  • «mysite.com»
  • «www.mysite.com»
  • «staging.mysite.com»
  • «previous.mysite.com»


  • Most of the time, we get an error in cloudways-console during certificate creation.
  • Sometimes we can generate them without an error but with error in browser «Certification is not secure».
  • every now and then the «certificates creation» get NO error and also Browser worked well WITHOUT «Certification is not secure».

The problem is, we do NOT know why this is sometimes working and most of the time not!


  • Does anybody know: Is it in general possible to set Let’s Encrypt SSL-Cert server-wide?
  • What we have to do, so the process is more reliable and consistent?
  • Do you have a better approach for a workaround for «staging Environment»?
  • Would it be an approach to use the solution with merged server.crt and server.key in one application like in the SSL.mysite.com App? Described in Blog Lets-encrypt-ssl-certificate-on-multiple-domains/
  • What is with the set «Auto Renewal» will this still work, when we merge the value from different server.crt together?

Plase share your experience or solution!

«Staging Environment» our approach and what is your approach for?