Let's Encrypt certificate

Anyone here encountered this when trying to renew the Let’s Encrypt certificate?
"there seems to be a problem with domain(s) authorization. Please make sure your there is no restriction at application or htaccess level"
If so, how did you clear it? Or what do you think can be done to resolve it?
Thanks in advance

Hello @chudymgbikeh,

The issue you have reported is rare. We would need more details to assist you with it.

Did you make any changes in the .htaccess file? Also, open up a support ticket so that our technical support team can have a look at it.

Ibad Rehman

I didn’t make any changes to my htaccess, am sure. I only know i have really simple ssl plugin activited. The let’s Encrypt certificate provided to me by cloudways initially, was what i used to get the plugin to make my site run on https.
Suddenly, i received a message from cloudways bot telling me the auto certificate renewal failed, tried to do it manually then, only to get that error message.
Anyway, am confuse myself and i would have settled this long before now, if the live chat had been connecting.