Learning PHP for WordPress



  • I have 0 coding skills. I have to start from scratch.
  • Which language should I start learning? I’m inclined to start with PHP
  • Do you recommend any place I should go to learn? Any Course links, maybe from udemy, treehouse,lynda,codeacademy,etc?

Hello guys, this year I would like to invest my time and money in learning new stuff. I can create WP websites that will satisfy my clients, but I want to learn more, mostly because I only know a bit of CSS.

I was thinking about starting with PHP. Where do you recommend I should start? I saw a facebook post about a course in udemy but it didn’t had great reviews. It had 3/5 stars. I can’t find the facebook post right now.

I want to be able to call my self a developer and right now I keep correcting people saying that I’m no developer xD think of me as a consultant or something like that.


If you’re new to this, maybe a more generalized developers course would be better to start.

Udemy has a sale now for $10.99 until 1/11- if you register for the site (free) they might have a coupon code on top of that. Try searches like “the-web-developer-bootcamp”. “php” etc- Check out the course previews.

A lot depends on the instructors, but there are many courses with 4.5 - 5 stars.