[Launch] - Our first venture is live :)


Thank God for HIS mercies, We just released our first Venture on top of CloudWays.

UISuMo is a market place for quality digital goods like Templates, Logos, Themes and much more, you can download anything freely as we’re currently giving three months free subscription without asking for credit card, you can simply register, and start downloading:slight_smile:

Kindly check our site and give us your valuable feedback so that we can improve it.

We appreciate the support from CloudWays team on every occasion, They are very helpful and always goes beyond my expectations.

If anybody considers managed cloud servers, CloudWays is the best one.

Thank Guys :slight_smile:


Hi @cstplglobal

That’s great! Thanks for sharing it with other Cloudways members. I invite all others to post their businesses here. It’s a great opportunity to build trust and a Cloudways community that can help out each other. :slight_smile:


Hi @cstplglobal,

Thanks for sharing your project and we wish all the best for its success!

I personally think it is a great idea that you are building a marketplace and much better I like that you have tutorials as well.

I signed up and things look great. But I had trouble while trying to access “LearnWP” it keeps redirecting me and asks me to re login.


Hi, That issue already addressed, can you clear your browser cache and try again?


Got it, That is due to Varnish Software. After hours of digging, finally found that, Cloudways won’t support Varnish for custom PHP software :frowning:


Hi @cstplglobal,

You can turn off Varnish on your custom PHP application if it is causing a conflict.

Or you can exclude particular URLs from varnish from Application Management > Application Settings > Varnish Settings.


Thanks , already done :slight_smile: