It's Finally Here! Now you can launch Linode via Cloudways

Exciting news for everyone. We have just integrated Linode in Cloudways platform. Now you can have your own managed Linode server and use all the features and options that Cloudways comes with.

We know a lot of you have been waiting for Linode for a long time and we would like to thank everyone for submitting their feedback.


Why is the pricing so high? over 250% seems excessive, right?

Linode 4GB

Cloudways-Linode 4GB

That’s exactly what I said. I mean really?

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Cloudways is rad, and has so much to offer over serverpilot, but I think the markups are bit excessive, especially if you have 10 servers. I know cloudways says, “the bigger the server, the more support and resources required on our part” which makes total sense, but it would be cool if you offered flat pricing across the board.

Anyways, still think cloudways is great, just pricing seems a bit excessive.

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Hi all,

I really appreciate you guys sharing your feedback.

Cloudways has come a long way since its inception, we have added a lot of features in the platform to make complex and time consuming tasks simple and easier to perform.

Maintaining such a feature rich platform requires a lot of investment and also ensuring that all our clients get 24/7 human support adds up a lot of expenses. Higher tier clients do get priority support.

Our platform is continuously evolving thanks to the active feedback we get from our clients.

Check out what features we have added from Jan 2017 till Aug 2017 here:


Totally, you guys have been busy adding really great features! I look forward to everything new to come.

Thanks :slight_smile: