Issue with Breeze

I have issue with my site . I installed chat plugin. But chat window is not loading due to the cache issue. I think its due to breeze plugin.

Go through each setting in Breeze. Turn off that setting and clear the cache, until you find the setting that is causing problems with You’ll have to do this with any caching plugin. When plugins and themes are not coded properly, they conflict with caching problems. Ideally you would be able to perform all of the optimizations a caching plugin has to offer, but this is rarely the case, which is why caching plugin allow you to turn on and off all of the various optimizations that they have to offer.

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Thanks. I will try this.

Hi @nitesh07rana,

Is the problem solved or are you still facing the issue? Let me know so I can have a look into it.

Ibad Rehman