Is live chat broken?

So I am trying to reach live chat support (I have upgraded the account and so on.) But when I click it all it does is refresh my page. I press the “Need a hand ribbon” then press the live chat button and nothing happens it throws me back to the server page where I can see my pages and that’s about it.

Has anyone been running through these problems lately or no?

I’m able to bring up the live chat widget just fine. You could try submitting a ticket to them at

It’s an option though not practical for instant support which we would need. Is there a link to live chat by any chance?

Found the problem. You need chrome for it to run. Not chrome

I think if you’re running any kind of ad blocking software this can interfere with certain scripts (ie, live chat script in this instance).

That could be a good point I’ll try it on a vm and get back to you on that