Is it worth to implement Google AMP?

I have a small lifestyle blog hosted here in cloudways Linode server. The website speed is quite good, loading below 2sec. Now, what wondering me is google AMP. Is it necessary to have google AMP to rank higher? And also, if it is going to be compulsory in the future, why not now? I can compromise the design and looks for better speed. But, if it doesn’t help me at all in ranking I wanted to stay with my original site and url.

What do you suggest?

I was using AMP on an ecommerce site but it stripped so much of the style away I removed it again.
I did manage to get load time of 0.3 sec with swift Performance plugin. Upgrading to pro version broke the speed though the day before summer vacation. Will sort it out when I get back but much better than AMP

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Thank you for your reply. I also once used swift performance but cannot connect with stack path cdn properly. I might try again swift this time.

Unless your site is registered as an official Google News source, AMP won’t do anything to help your SEO directly. @suanliantp. It’s not a ranking factor at all.

And as @whitlockwoodendesign mentions, it can force you to compromise a lot of your visual presentation and conversion processes (like newsletter signups etc) and add complexity to your setup - including the Analytics.

Google’s also on record as saying that as long as a site is very fast (i.e. A couple of seconds load time) it will be considered the equivalent of AMP in the places where that matters.

In summary - unless you’re a Google News publisher, you’re almost certainly better off fully speed-optimising your site using conventional methods instead of AMP.

Hope that helps?


“It’s not a ranking factor at all.” Good to know it’s not. One less anxiety factor.

My mobile CMS has loading times of approx. 40-60 ms roundtrip (internally ~10 ms) for fully dynamic content (more for images and so on, unless cached of course), and I haven’t found anything in AMP that would help speed that up.


Thank you, Paul, for your insightful comment.