Is it possible to start a drupal multisite?

Hi. I have two related questions.

How to I put a drupal multisite live from cloudways ?

How could the different sites have sub domains and be made accessible from a main site by means of hyperlink navigation ?

Thank you !

I dont understand why you’d want to at all?

If its so you dont need to set up multiple sites, all you need to do it set up one perfectly, clone that and make it a template from which to clone additional sites, each cloned site can run off a different sub domain.

I’d like to have different interconnected drupal distributions like open outreach and open social and a wordpress site with sportpress theme functioning if possible using only one database and make them send content to a main site via http with api calls.

Ok that’s good. Is there a way to make different distros be sites of the multisite install then other then by taking multisite on my laptop, changing folders and ftp it or ssh protocol it back up on cloudways ?

— Simon