Is CW with Varnish ready for Woocommerce?

Some person in support says to me Varnish is Woocommerce ready, then other says I need to exclude urls and cookies.

The exclusion of cookies is making that a user must clear his browser cache in order to login, something most users will not be aware of or do.

What is the official statement? is it WC ready or not?

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Hello @23desarrollos2,

You just need to exclude add to cart and checkout pages as on these pages website’s rules do not apply and are handled by the payment gateway. For security reasons, it is not recommended to cache these pages.

As far as login issue is concerned, this is not managed by WooCommerce. This is WordPress default behavior which is triggered when a person logins to its dashboard.

Thank You.
Ibad Rehman

Hi Ibad, thank your for your reply.

So we need to exclude those pages manually?

I guess this means CW is not 100% WC ready, when I thought it was.

It’s not that it is something difficult to do, but users need to be informed about this and how to properly do it.

Yes, you need to exclude them manually. Cloudways is 100% WC ready. It is a default behavior when you use Varnish caching. Irrespective of the hosting service.

Ibad Rehman

Please see this topic.

Thank you. When I add the cookies exclusion as example provided users cannot login (login is managed by woocommerce in my site).

Exclude cookies: wp-.* | wordpress.* | comment_.* | woocommerce_.*

Also I cannot reset password. This is solved when disabling Varnish.