Is anyone else having problems with the weekend service? like it's non existant?

So if you have a problem on the weekends, I guess your just out of luck. According to the few front line agents that have that answer chat, there are no supervisors or higher tech support on the weekends. Idk about you, but I’m not paying 50 bucks a month for this kind of service. 16 bucks a month at hostgator gets you noone can help you that much.

I’ve done lost my happy with cloudways. I guess I just got lucky when I first got here and except for a few bad apples, the guys I was getting on chat were great. Finding good customer service on the other end of a hosting company is a problem in this field.

These are the guys that I’ve found can help you.
Zeeshan Kareem,
Soban Abid

These are the guys that don’t. Sadly, that list is growing

Bilal Naqvi,
Mwangi Kabiru,
Khawaja Hafeez,
M. Ali 1
Sajjad Anwer
W. Shaikh
Paolo Umali
Saad Nasir
Haider Ali