Is 1GB RAM enough?

Hi, I am interested in getting the 10$ digital ocean plan, which offers 1GB RAM space. Is it enough for a new blog which will have 100 posts, each with about 2000 words and each post has 200Mb of images?

A 200 MB page on a 10 Mb/second connection would take at least 2 minutes and 40 seconds to load irregardless of what plan your are on. I don’t think your posts are actually that big. If this is a WordPress site you can use the imsanity plugin to resize any overly large images you have on the website. A 1GB server is perfectly fine for the level of traffic a blog would receive. The number of posts that you have has no effect on the amount of RAM that you need. I think you’re confusing RAM with storage space. The $10 DO plan comes with 25 GB of storage which should be enough, but if you did go past this limit you can add more storage space to a Digital Ocean server for only $0.10 cents per GB plus an additional $1 fee to start using block storage. I’ve never needed to take advantage of this, and you should be just fine with the 25GB that you start with.