Installing ERPNext, anyone?

Has anyone tried to install ERPNext on Cloudways?

I did and failed :frowning: (i’m not a pro). It seems to need root access…

Any help are welcome.

Regards from Chile!
Benjamín Roa


ERPNext uses Frappe framework based on python. Cloudways supports Python, MariaDB, Redis and Node. Cloudways has python, MariaDB, Redis and Node (partially) but they do not has this framework yet.
Secondly, a custom port needs to be opened to run this. It means root access is required for this. Therefore, unfortunately, it is not possible to install this on the current stack.

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Thanks! I kind of suposed that, but you made it crystal clear.


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I like to install erpnext too
As the whole stack is already present at cloudways, it makes sense to allow erpnext.
If it is only to allow one port to be opened, thats easy to do for cloudways.

this question has been raised 3 years ago… so im thinking at this stage there should be some improvements.

thank you