Installing Drupal distribution: Aquia Lightning


I want to install a drupal distribution: Aquia Lightning.

What would be the best way of doing it on cloudways?


Hello @ole, yes it definitely can be done. I’ll summarize the best way of going about it:
1.Launch a new Drupal app on your server.
2. Remove all files and folders.
3. Delete the database.
4.Create a new database with the name of your project
5. Install Acquia lightning by either copying the distribution in your public_html folder or through composer and navigating to the site.

For a rough reference, you can go through this post, it’s about cloning but the process is quite similar:

Let me know if you face any issues, thanks:slight_smile:


Hi @ole, as @hamza.zia has defined, you can use Aquia Lightning on our stack without any issues. All the actions defined in their installation guide can be performed with your SSH user without any hassle.

If you are facing any issues deploying it on your Cloudways server then kindly open a support ticket or contact our 24x7 live chat support, we would be glad to assist you with that.