Install Gitlab?


Has anyone managed to install Gitlab on Cloudways? It is a must for most of us and it is a shame that we cannot do it easily


It’s as easy as adding the key you get from Cloudways to your Gitlab project. But I do find it a hassle that one needs to login into the CW console just to push changes from Gitlab to your app.


You can easily deploy your Gitlab project on Cloudways by using the SSH Key, In a similar way you deploy from Github, You can take a look at this guide for more help:

However, If you want to install the Gitlab on Cloudways, This process requires the Root access, and At the moment Cloudways do not provide root access.


I think we are talking about different things. What I mean is to install the Gitlab platform on Cloudways server

Not connect an app that is hosted on Gitlab to the Cloudways.


It requires a root access and Cloudways does not provide root access at the moment. However, you can ask support team for that. They might be able to help you.


Unfortunately, they cannot help. They told me that I should vote for this

It’s pitty since it is available on Digital Ocean :frowning: