Increasing Loading Speed of a website

I have a client’s website which seems to have a slow loading speed. It takes nearly 3.5 seconds to load (as shown by pingdom speed test). I am in the process of increasing it’s loading speed to around 1.5 seconds time.

Can somebody please guide me what should I do to achieve this task.

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There are many factors which can affect website speed loading times.

Run it through where you get to see what it slowing down your website and also you get suggestions what to do. Usually it is loads of crappy plugins which slow it down and also large size images. Also disable plugins which are meant to speed it up. They usually make things worse then helping your site to run faster. What is your website about? Simple brochure info web should run blazing fast. Large ecommerce website with loads of plugins will only run fast if you pay big $$$ for fast servers. No optimisation will help. Only fast servers.

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I agree with mdzunda. Depends on the site. Depends on what software you’re running. Make sure to load render-blocking scripts deferred too, especially ads. And use GTMetrix also - use both.

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Every site has two speeds.
a) the speed a logged on user has
b) the speed a user who is not logged on has.

b) can be speeded up significantly by using a cache plugin. Cache plugins don’t do much for logged in users though so they don’t help with a) much. Also when you are logged on as admin they do even less which means that you will see the slowest time of all.

So decide what is important to speed up. If a), then all the advice about looking at wordpress internals, etc. is largely irrelevant because what the cache does is save the content as HTML and just display that and not invoke the php/wordpress/plugin/ environment and processing at all. It bypasses it. It is not used.

These are things to be aware of. Good luck with your site.

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Thank you so much, I will look to your suggestions.

To rule out really stupid things, upload a static HTML page (the simpler the better) and see what response times you get for that via Inspect / Network.

Using Inspect / Network you can also see what takes time to load on the real web site.

And use Inspect / Console to check possible errors on the page.

Good luck.

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It’s a WordPress website, so how to do it??

Regarding static HTML page: Just upload a simple file (*.html) with at the minimum some text, that you then invoke via a browser. I have ~40 ms loading time on such simple content (hosting in Amsterdam, access from Sweden).

Regarding Inspect: That’s a browser feature. Right-click somewhere and choose Inspect in the menu.

I hope with the help you were able to highlight the issues and fixed them. If you are unable to fix the issues then share Pingdom and GTmetrix result and I will have a look into it.

Ibad Rehman