Images dissappeared from WP app


Anyone ever experience images in a WordPress application disappearing?

(I’ve already spoken to live chat who, as usual, weren’t helpful.)

I’ve updated a client’s site, cleared all caches (including Cloudflare) and there are blank spaces where the images should be.

The images aren’t in the media tab in WP Admin or showing in the uploads folder via FTP.

These images were uploaded around 12 months ago and were there last week. (Random images too.)

Any ideas?

(Server is Vultr and in the London DC.)


I’never had such problem. The best thing you can do is try to restore the backup to the time where you’ve had those images, copy your “upload” folder via FTP and then rollback to the current version and copy them back via FTP to the same folders they’ve been in. Just be careful and hopefully you still have that backup available for restore.


BTW I’ve recently moved my server from Vultr to Digital Ocean, because I had server connection problems in Google Search Console that no one in the customer support could explain. So I’m not 100% sure, but it could be that Vultr datacenters are to blame in your case as well.


I have. Purged the varnish cache for the whole server and immediately worked again.


Thanks guys.

It was around 10 images out of a total of about 300 on the site. Really random.

Clearing caches and restarting the server didn’t help.

Plus, the images weren’t there when I went in via FTP (nor were they in the media section in WP Admin). And live chat said that certain image file names weren’t on the server.

Never seen or heard about it before.


Have you 100% ruled out user error?


I’m the only person with access and I didn’t delete the images.


Well, it turns out support have no clue how these images have disappeared from the server.

The only person with access to the server and the app is me, and I didn’t delete them.

Support have been their usual level: poor.