I'm Mike - WordPress Optimization Specialist

I run the site WP Bullet Guides and do performance work via Codeable (only 2% of applicants are accepted!), you can see some of the results I’ve achieved here.

I do everything from database cleanup, performance troubleshooting, script automation and more :slight_smile:

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Hi, Mike,
Do you know this kind of problem: My site has less than 100 products atm, but the execute time of queries in the single product woocommerce so long recently. It made response time of product page increase so much (about 2-4s for response time) while category page and tag page is normal.

I need someone help me fix this

Hi @maulaxanhmat,

It looks like the site will require some troubleshooting to find out why things are running poorly. Please note that troubleshooting can be quite time consuming and typically ranges in the $500-1000 range. If you’d like me to take a look please click this link. I’ve had some pretty awesome results after troubleshooting like