I Want to build a new social media website, any body suggest me for that please, which web power will be best Laravel or WorldPress? or?



Sell and Buy Option
Azan Notification
Personal fund with Zakat Calculator
Daily Personal Report Notification
Al Quran & Al Hadith
Library ( Posting PDF Book facility )
Chat room ( As like Group Chat )
Live Video Chat room ( As like FB live video)
Like Kaba and some Live TV Streams.
Polls - ( Question with 3-5 Answer option )
Quizzes ( Question and 3 Short Answer )

Recently we net bellow option, another option is future

Social Network

News Feed
Profile / Info
Message & Chat Room ( FB Group )
My Friends
Events with Hijri Calendar
Pokes - Salam
Saved / Drafts
Following & Followers
Ummah Classified ( Job, Sell & Buy )
School & Madrasah
Heath Trips
Ads.( Halal Ads.)
Payments History
Notes with Date
Post ( Status, Photo, Video, Audio, Link, Al Quran, Al Hadith, Poll, Quizzes )
Support ( Windows, Mac, Tablet, All Mobile )

May we hope, you will send us quotation and suggetion

Thanks and Regards.


@nasir.jf26 I will suggest you to go with Laravel because it is a framework and Wordpress is a CMS. Laravel will allow you to develop these things without any limits and conditions. You will be able to customize every thing according to your needs.

If you are building just a simple website, you can go with Wordpress. It has lot of functions and features, you can also download a tons of free plugins, and there is lot ways to make your development fast, so you can have your own website with in few hours.

If you’re building a web application, something more complex like a social media, then Laravel would be better choice. As you know, it is a clean & classy framework for PHP web development and it helps you create any kind of applications using it’s simple & expressive syntax, large community and lot of features like template engines, Restful controllers, dependency injection containers, Unit testing and well structured code. It makes web development more enjoyable, not something that is painful.


Saquib Rizwan !
Assalamu Alaykum, Thank you for your replying.
we would like to build a new social media network for global muslim, that website will be as like facebook or twitter.
but there will be some additional things, we will kept those program for future,

Now we want to build basic social network website as like www.mymfb.com

any body there who’s have good experience for build my website project.
my email address is, nasir.jf26@gmail.com
WhatsApp 00971555988626



Hi @nasir.jf26

Can you please clarify the actual need? Will the site consist of posts and pages? Or, an entire social network like Facebook, etc.?

In both cases, WordPress along with plugins can help you out. If your plans are very high like you have mentioned that it will be gradually grown to all over the World. Then, I would suggest going Laravel as discussed by @saquib.rizwan


Mr.Mustaasam Saleem

Can you contact with me please,


@nasir.jf26 drop me an email with the queries :slight_smile: