I No Longer Trust Cloudways - Here's Why

Hi Matt

Shut down 48 hours after late payment?

According to my own experience, one of the local host I used to use shut down 1 minute after due date ended. But that’s not the worst things.

Even worse, is the only payment method is bank transfer, and I have to inform them manually about the payment, no online payment gateway automation option.

They will also send a billing to customer’s email and their billing email didn’t send out to customers from time to time.

That when my site get shutdown. — And they couldn’t careless when I say I didn’t received an emails. They’ll just issued the billing and wait until you come back from long weekend to pay them first.

Just want to share my story.



Sure Paul, but that’s just comparing this poor billing system to an incredibly poor one. I assume that you never investigated that horrible company’s billing process and payment system before you went with them, because surely you would never have dealbt with a company like that in the first place.

There are plenty of hosting companies who provide proper prior notice ahead of time ie. 7 days (even if it’s just a notice to say that an invoice has been generated, requiring you to log in an check it), and then provide further notice of imminent payment request, and then provide a receipt once it has been done. Emails are free after all.

CW does not do this, and the key issue is that if for some reason you are not near your email for the 2 days from the time of payment charge, then it is entirely possible to come back to deleted servers.

Not good.

I also find the additional issue of faulty notices being sent to me regarding disk size, inode usage etc. all of them threatening suspension etc. when in actual fact the server in question is perfectly within proper ranges. I have had to get them resolved repeatedly to ensure that no-one pulls the plug on my server or limits it in any way.

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Hmm. I signed up for a three day trial today. I do some freelance web development work and use three other shared hosting companies. I was thinking of consolidating and moving all my sites off of Mediatemple, and 1and1 over to CW. After reading this I am not so sure anymore. This seems extreme. I once had my credit card date expire while I was traveling, it caused a bit of hassle but if that happened while I was out camping in the mountains for a few days (something I do), getting everything deleted so quickly would be catastrophic. Sure this is cheaper but I am thinking maybe I spend a bit more money each month and go the more traditional route, inaccurate emails and abrupt deletions are scaring me off tbh.

You sound like a tRump supporter and I bet you are right with him.
But to me if they dont offer paypal as an option then it is really difficult. I have about 6 accounts and paypal just rolls over from one to the other. I get hundreds of emails every day. Now I am not sure about cloudways but i am always getting crap from godaddy and hostgator and ehost(was). So I dont always look at each freakin email from someone who is selling me something.
So quit with your rigid ideas of what is right and wrong.

Thank you so much for alerting me to this issue. I have no idea how much storage or whatever they call it I will have charged. What if I do a big promotion and get 200,000 clicks one day. So I am going to call their billing office, see im showing my age, i will email their billing office and see if I can use paypal or have a backup payment plan. But I really appreciate you alerting me. I suppose prepaying is a good idea if they dont have a rollover option or paypal. But I will definitely be alert. You may have no idea of what a mess haveing your files can be. I was hospitalized once and my husband who hated the time I spent on internet marketing deleted my hostgator account!!! It was bizarre and I never recovered, I just sold the domain names to a friend. So the ability to have google drive have a backup copy of my site is something I wanted. But I really like everything else about this hosting company. They have been wonderful to this old dinosaur trying to relearn internet marketing.

I’m late to the party here, but I don’t have an issue with this policy. If I don’t pay the invoice then why should Cloudways front that expense for me? Billing works differently than shared hosting (ie, shared hosting = you pay in advance, whereas cloud VPS servers = you pay in arrears).

I always add funds to my Cloudways account around half way through the month so that I’m sure that 100% of the bill will be covered without issue.

Today I had to tell my friend that his blog got wiped out. Because cloudways thought that it wasn’t worth it to keep less than 5GB of data around, well I don’t feel any safety with cloudways. The reality is that websites do get abandoned, sometimes for months, credit cards do get canceled or lost and people get busy at times to look at those emails. 15 days is ridiculous, isn’t the couple hundreds of dollars that I paid them enough to keep some data around? It should definitely be enough. Fortunately It wasn’t a big loss, I know we will do a better blog this time, but certainly we will not trust cloudways with it.