I No Longer Trust Cloudways - Here's Why


Today I received an email with the following subject and message:

Your servers will be DELETED (unpaid invoice)

As explained in our last email, your server(s) have now been STOPPED. If this situation is not resolved, they will be DELETED in the next 48h. After this, even if we recover the server(s), you will have lost the currently assigned IP(s).

I was having issues with Cloudways accepting my credit card likely because they were overseas so I’ve been adding funds to my account through paypal. The first of the month rolled around and I was not paying attention to emails.

I was logged into cloudways and didn’t see a notification.

Today I woke up and my server was shut down.

Within a couple of days of payment date Cloudways will shut down your server. 48 hours later they will delete your applications.

Not weeks later. Just a few days.

Imagine you are on vacation with limited access and you have a billing issue. You come home from vacation and your websites are completely gone. Deleted from the host. Imagine the business implications.

I was speaking with someone in a Cloudways Facebook group and they said this is exactly what happened to his client. On vacation and they came back only to find all the hard work they put in was gone and their site was deleted.

Many will chime in and say “have backups”.

Backups aren’t the issue. The issue is Cloudways will shut down your servers and then delete your data and applications within several days of non payment.

Do you think other webhosts operate this way? WPEngine, Hostgator, Media Temple, Godaddy… of course not.

Who in their right mind would trust a web host with this kind of policy with their business and livelihood?

I no longer do.


Hi @mattmikulla

Sorry for the inconvenience occurred. Our support team contacted you via email, can you please have a look and acknowledge? :slight_smile:

Additionally, to overcome such things happening to anyone, we have “Add Funds” feature. To be on the safe side, one can add funds for the upcoming months which will guarantee that this situation wouldn’t happen if you are going away.

Also, the data is backed up for 15 days after the server has been deleted. It can be recovered, but, there is a possibility that the server IP will be changed.


I have been long time user, and I believe their little strictness is completely fair. Because they send multiple emails before deleting a server.

If someone is running serious business, payment can be managed by keeping funds in advanced.

Focus on the solution, not a problem. :wink:


Hi Matt:

My client had the same issue, her CC declined and she didn’t respond until the site shut down. We updated the CC, sent in a ticket and within minutes support had spun up a new server from backup.

In all fairness, you can’t compare the billing terms traditional hosts, such as you’ve mentioned. In our case one of the ones you mentioned needed a 3 years in advance for shared wordpress account at similar price, vs. a screaming virtual server at Cloudways paid monthly. It’s fairer to look at the terms of other Cloud Computing Platform providers and their billing policies.

Cloudways is pay-as-you-go, based on actual resource usage. So if they didn’t shut down the servers at some point, they would still be paying the upstream providers.

Anyway best wishes going forward.


I get that this is unfair and if it happened to me, i’d be upset.

But in saying that, when i get business emails i respond within minutes if not hours and quite frankly if i was having funding issues with cloudways i’d make sure i had months of funds added. My sites are more important than who is morally right or not.


I messaged them long ago about this and was surprised they still work this way.

Today I received the message " invoice payment failed". Which is logical as the funds ran out on the website. I’ll just add more. But to receive the message " Your servers will be STOPPED (unpaid invoice)" only 4.5 hours later is a bit too aggressive. With the rest following 48 hours after.

Not a good message to long time paying customers.


Wonderful ‘gulshankumar’, towing the company line! However, if you have been a good paying customer for a while a little more leeway than 48 should exist. That is what ‘mattmikulla’ was trying to say. Why not consider his thoughts. I am thinking of myself - if my Visa expiry date changed and I did not notify Cloudways in time. I think that a 30 day period for a good customer is not out of the question. Not everyone is out to get you! Not everyone is a crook.


I agree. This time period is way to short for people that might overlook a potential issue. Most hosting companies offer 4 days. Imagine if this happens on 3 day holiday weekend to a unsuspecting customer.

Cloudways, please listen to this important customer feedback. Perhaps offer ability to add a 2nd credit card as backup in case accident takes place and customer cannot be reached.


For those whining about this…

How about you all take responsibility for your own BUSINESS?

Life is simple - if you don’t pay for something, you don’t get it. Period.

How is this any different?

If you’re not responsible enough to ensure there will be no issues with payment, maybe you shouldn’t be in business.


Sometimes CCs expire, sometimes they get flagged for fraud prevention. Some of us travel on weekends. Some of us live in hurricane country. 48 hours seems to be too fast. With that said, Cloudways is unlike most hosting companies that manage their own service. They front the bill for a 3rd party server service so maybe 48 hours is limit for them already, perhaps their contracts with these providers is set at this.

It is nice that you can add funds to your account, and maybe the best solution here is to prepay each month to be safe. I think being able to add backup credit card would be welcomed.

Ron, lets keep it positive. Thanks :slight_smile: