I installed an SSL certificate but isn't working properly

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Hi, I installed an SSL certificate on my website two weeks ago and when I checked today my website it says that the connection is not secure. Anybody could help me?

Hello @myonlinepath,

Currently, your website is unavailable with or without SSL.

Could you please confirm if your website is active so I can assist you with the SSL issue.


You need to go to SSL Settings and add the domain with www. and without www inside the SSL Setting, Make sure to have under WP Settings General https:// in the installation url, and Install the Plugin Really Simple SSL.

Please: For the love of all that’s good and holy, do NOT install a plugin to “fix” SSL issues.
1.) Use .htaccess rules to SET the correct domain protocol :white_check_mark:
2.) Only use plugins from authors who know how to properly set their URL protocols as well :+1:
3.) If needed, ditch a plugin that has hard coded domain URLs of http:// in their plugin :exclamation:

There is simply no reason to ever use a plugin for SSL issues given Cloudway’s extensive level of SSL integration and tools.


Number 3 and number 4 are the two you need to follow correctly depending on what you have initially chosen - either 'ya stuck the WWW’s in there - or 'ya didn’t. Plain and simple.

Then, number 5 is the one that’ll force all your content to run over the secured SSL protocol.

Follow those instructions and you’ll be on the "PATH" to success! :wink:

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