HUGE loads from my theme and theme plugin

I’ve had a lot of performance issues with my theme and real estate listings plugin. Cloudways support says its causing huge loads and my theme developer is saying that they have hundreds of active users with no issues. I think I need a developer to look at the code and see if it can be optimized. The website is and I’m running a 4GB server for it.

Just remove the slider image - That’s it problem will fix

Thanks Sanjumon, so you are saying that the high loads and all my issues are because of a slider I built with Elementor? Is it the slider on the homepage? I should just replace that with a static image? I’m sorry, this seems like it shouldn’t be causing this issue. Any further explanation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I’m using the elementor slider on a 1 GB VPS with multiple sites with no issues.

Maybe take a look at reducing the size of the images in the slider first.

Hi Dan,

I’m from Utah too! Here’s an article I wrote about optimizing website performance, or if you would rather have me fix your website performance issues, you can open up a ticket with me at Based on how incredibly slow it is going, it feels like there is something more going on than just needing some simple optimizations.

Temporarily switch to another theme to see if it’s specifically the theme causing the problems.

Check your cache settings.

Check whether stylesheets and JavaScript code are loaded above the fold and from other (slow) sites. The fact that the base loading of the page (not the resources) is very slow indicates this could be one of the problems.

I could argue that the site loads a lot of stylesheets and JavaScript code that are never used, but I haven’t gone through the pages to verify whether that’s true or not.

I looked at a half dozen sites with Real Estate 7. They all seem pretty slow. There is no way a random developer is going to help you optimize the code in the theme and plugins. You can’t do that with themes/plugins that get updated from a central source. You should have caching enabled. Your developer should have helped with that.