How to start installing wordpress?

I just started my free trial. The first screen is a video teaching me how to migrate my site to cloudways using a plugin. But, I don’t want to migrate yet. I want to try using it during the free trial and see if i like it before I migrate. So, my question is, what should I do to start: e.g. installing wordpress, and other necessary things to do?

Create a new app on the same server. When you’re creating the new application you choose WordPress.

Consider migrating your existing site as a test/staging site. That way you can test the migration process and can experiment with a site you’re familiar with on the new hosting environment.

Easiest way is to create a subdomain like for your actual domain name and migrate your live site to that subdomain. Then you can mess about with the test site without having any effect on the live site. And you’ll be able to do direct speed comparisons, for example.

Thank you. I made it following your advice :slight_smile: Now, I realized that I created too many wordpress applications and wanted to delete some. How can I delete?

Click on “Applications” along the top to see a list of all apps.

Find the app you want to delete, and look for the 3 dots far along the right hand side. In this menu there’s an option to delete the app.

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