How to Show Same price(Inclusive of tax) for both logged out and logged in user when selected tax based on shipping address


For Location Same as Shop Address the Taxes are

SGST 1.5%
CGST 1.5%

For taxes all other locations are

So in any case the price of the product will remain same which I am adding at the time of creating the product.

If I set tax based on shop address then it is showing both SGST and CGST for all locations which is wrong.

I have enabled GEO locate in the setting but when the user is first time visiting the site they are seeing the product price without taxes even when I am adding the price inclusive of taxes.

And at the cart page the taxes are calculated right and they are seeing the correct price. For both the cases.

How Can I show price inclusive of taxes for logged out user?


This forum is for Cloudways services support, not software support. You will need to contact software author for support.