How to remove duplicate folder in root?


I just rename one folder in root for my new website Uber Guide , System create one new duplicate folder. I don’t want to see a lot of folder in roots. Is that any way to remove this duplicate folder?



Hi @sfniqbal

If you rename your application folder it creates a symlink and doesn’t takes up any space.

You shouldn’t move or delete the original folder.

For more information you can read following kb.


I don’t get it. Both folders have the same content inside. If i have to add a file to my website through sftp, which folder should i add it to? Also, it will be really hard visually to find the right folder i’m looking for if there’s now twice the folders.


Cloudways uses random folder names when installing apps (eg. vujqnkwkuv). That won’t make much of a difference if you only manage your sites via their control panel, but it can make your job way harder if you manage your server’s files via FTP or SSH (eg, you’re a programmer/developer/designer).

They allow you to rename these folders, so you can find what you need faster. But the way they go about this is by creating a symlink, which is the Unix equivalent to Windows’s shortcuts. They don’t actually rename the folders.

So, you will see both: vujqnkwkuv (the actual folder) and uberguide (the symlink, or shortcut). You can work on both, the results will be the same, as uberguide is just a shortcut.


Thanks for the info. I’m also super confused by the way how it’s handled.

I also changed the folder names but now I’m not very happy with the fact that the folders are duplicated in my FTP client. Is there any option to change it back and remoce this symlink without breaking anything?


I have the same issue.
Yes, I think that it will do nothing but create issues in the future. So I am going to delete the whole thing and start over. I was also told I could change the folder name. Which is now complicated, I wish their random numbers started with the first 4 or 5 letters of the domain so you could have an idea. when in Filezilla.


OK, But you could delete the new file with your new name?
I feel comfortable not having problems in the future, read that there can be issues.


To remove the symlink (shortcut) folder, go into your application settings, change the name back to the generated name and the symlink (shortcut) folder will disappear from your ftp list of contents.


NO #%$^ ! So many people had a problem with this, and such a simple solution. You are great!. I have seen you around other forums, nice to have you on board Cloudways.
I couldn’t wait so decided to delete, destroy & start from scratch. (it was a new site) ha!