How to Prevent Duplicate Content Issues from WordPress Archives

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We are in the process of developing a new WordPress-based site. On our current site, which was launched a few months ago, we recently discovered over 80% of the site was considered duplicate content after running an SEO site scan. Come to find out this was due to WordPress creating author, date, and category archives for each page and post we created.

Is there a way to configure WordPress to prevent these archives from being created to avoid duplicate content issues on our new site?

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If you install the Yoast SEO plugin, and then go to SEO > Search Appearance, the taxonomies and archives tabs will either have an option to hide those pages from search engines or to completely disable them.

Hello Russell,

Thank you for the quick reply and information. I very much appreciate it!

To make sure I disable the correct settings, I believe you are referring to the disabling the settings in

SEO --> Search Appearance --> Taxonomies (Tags, Formats, Product Categories, Product Tags, and Product Shipping Classes


SEO --> Search Appearances --> Archives --> Author Archives Settings and Date Archive

Is this correct? By setting all of these to either no or disabled, will this prevent date, author, tag, …archives from being created?

Do you mind if I pick your brain regarding another topic?

We are using GeneratePress Pro without a page builder. We don’t want to use a page builder. On our current site, it looks like the developer created templates using Elementor for the styling and content for our category pages (Posts --> Categories / The page that appears when clicking View under nay category).

How can I style category pages as if they were regular pages? They don’t have the same interface as do regular pages.

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Yep, those are the settings I was talking about. I’ve never actually made changes in Yoast SEO before since SEO isn’t something that I do for my clients, but that looks like it should solve your problem.

WordPress doesn’t come with a way of editing category pages, and I’ve always wrote custom PHP templates to style those pages, but in doing a Google search to see if any new plugins have come out, I did find this plugin that you could try out.

Hi Russell,

Thanks for the confirmation.

In researching how to edit category pages, I came across that plugin too. Unfortunately, it has not been updated in 4 years. Thanks anyways!

It’s odd there’s not a way to edit the category pages given their importance. I looks like I’m going to have to learn how to write custom PHP templates or have someone do it for me. The guys at GeneratePress are doing their best to help. It will all work out one way or another.

Thank you for your time and have a good day.