How to learn database tables for correct staging pushes

I’ve seen this posted before, but there’s a lack of solution, so trying again…

I have a WP site and I’m using Google Cloud server here. The site has members with accounts and they can do all sort of things on the site. The site is using Buddyboss, which is just a WP plugin that makes your site look and behave like Facebook. So, I’ve set up a staging server recently, but what I don’t know now is what to select in the database files so that I don’t overwrite the member activity when I push from staging to live.

Someone in another thread said that WP will require someone to write custom SQL queries to make this happen and I’m quite frustrated at the idea of having to procure custom work just to develop this project appropriately. Is this really what’s needed? Is anyone here an expert at doing this? I lost a days worth of work by not using a staging server and running into a snag, so I’m trying to do this right and ensure that doesn’t happen again, but it’s just turning into more issues…

I did try talking to CW chat support about it, but the support person was not capable of shedding any light at all. I don’t know if it was a language barrier issue or not. It was a frustrating conversation though and I’m a new customer here and a bit dismayed that all the chat tech-support folks are not high-level. I will say, the tech support at siteground was always top-notch.


Have you tried looking at the code of some migrating plugins?

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Look at the code for what? I’m not just working on plugins either.

Anyway, I hired a guy off upwork to assess my site and the db table options and tell me what to select based on certain activities and best practices. I realize the table options are often self-explanatory, but it’s not 100%.