How to increase website speed?

When analyzing graphs under server > monitoring I noticed idle CPU is never below 40%. Also free memory is never below 125MB. All these numbers seem good, but I want my site to perform even faster.

I’m currently on Digital Ocean: 512MB RAW, 20GB disk space, 1 core processor. What would make my site faster? I can switch to 1GB RAM, but I assume because free memory is never below 125MB this wouldn’t speed things up? Another switch I could make is to 2 core processor. How would that affect things? Would it perform 2x as fast?

Hi @bc173

If you are using WordPress, I would suggest going through this guide.

Let me know if this helped in speeding up the site.

Thanks, but not using Wordpress, instead a custom PHP application. I just wonder what the difference is between 1 core and 2 cores at Digital Ocean and what impact extra RAM will have.

If your CPU is never below 40% and memory is never below 125MB, Then you should look to optimize your website. There are number of ways by which you can improve the performance of your site for example:

  1. Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  2. Consider implementing a content delivery network (CDN)
  3. Optimize Images
  4. Take advantage of caching
  5. Cut down on external scripts

I’ve done all these things. Website is really fast. Just wondered what it would do when I switch to 2 core instead of 1 core. Seems like nobody can answer this :slight_smile:

The answer is simple to this, If you increase the Core there will be a little effect on the speed of your website. Because more core means more cache. Except that increasing Core is not beneficial if the CPU remains in the ideal state. More often in a system, Execution cycle is far more faster than the fetching cycle, which causes the CPU to be in the ideal state.

As others have hinted, take a closer look at your app first. Measure performance across scripts, and check specifically time taken for database queries. Do you e.g. index all database columns you search for? Do you perform a lot of database queries no matter what? Can you optimize that? etc

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Dear people, my website is not slow, please don’t tell me how to optimize it (I’m very well aware how to do that). My only simple and unanswered question is, will the site be faster with 2 cores instead of 1 core if I’m not even using full CPU at this moment.

Yes, it will be faster, but not that much. That is the answer of your question, have a really great day out there … =)


Can you tell me that if my [Hindi Blog]( blog’s server goes from 2 GB RAM 1 core to 4 GB RAM with 2 cores, there will be an improvement in speed? Is it correct to upgrade it? Please tell

Right now this is my one-page GTmatrix

The biggest improvement with additional memory and CPU is in handling traffic. If your site has a lot of traffic, and that is slowing it down, then an upgrade could help significantly with average response times. With just single access at a time, there would be little difference. So, if your goal is to scale to handle more users at a time, then go for it.