How to create real time alert when value 1 is inserted in MySQL table?


I am new to Laravel 5 but I can do coding in PHP so I need your help here.
Whenever value 1 is inserted in MySQL table an alert would be fired to inform the user about it without refreshing the page. Do you know how to achieve this? … could you point out which tutorial or example I can look at?

Thanks in advance

Hi Sasam,

I believe what you want to achieve here is to Create a Real-Time Notification in Laravel, You can achieve this task in various ways,

  1. Using Laravel Pusher library for real-time notification
  2. Using Ajax for generating real-time notification
  3. Using for real-time notification

However, One of the easiest ways is to create it with the pusher, Here is the link to the tutorial to guide you through the steps. How to Add Real-Time Notifications to Laravel with Pusher

I hope it helps you. Happy Coding.!!