How to create a sub domain for hosting images on Wordpress?


As my website has lots of images, so it takes quite a long time for the page to load completely, even though I have resize and compress all images before uploading to the sever and I also use CDN. Thus I would like to move all of my website images to a sub domain, for example, to leverage the parallel download ability of modern browser.

I have found some tutorials showing how to dot it, but they are for CPanel. There are also some tutorials on Cloudways, but they only mention about how additional domain.

I would appreciate a lot if someone can instruct me how to do it with CloudWays interface.


Have you looked at a waterfall chart of your current page loads? The images should be loading in parallel already. I don’t think you add parallelism that will improve performance by linking files from a subdomain.

But there’s nothing stopping you from trying. Just create a new application (simple php) and make your subdomain the primary url. You can dump your pictures into the public_html folder, or organize them in there anyway you like.


A CDN is the proper solution. But if you insist on your method, a simple google search supplies all your answers.