How is your experience on PHP 7.3 with Wordpress Sites

Hey all,
I just found that Cloudways officially announced PHP 7.3 version. In my Website QuintDaily, I’m using 7.2 PHP and showing some deflection nowadays. Might be because of RAM issue. Whatever it is. I just want to know you guys experience how PHP 7.3 helped and got an issue with it. Please explore the same in detail with the pros and cons. please.

Have a few sites that have plugins that don’t work with 7.3 so they go on a previous version until I can get around to removing or changing the plugin. One is an instagram widget for example. Other than a few, most of the sites seem to be fine after migrating to 7.3.

Ok. So, 7.3 version working fine right?

No problems so far. Upgraded about a week ago.
My sites are all using the Classic editing pluggin. Waiting for gutenberg-compatible updates to themes etc.

I removed Gutenberg. Is there any issue because of that.?

How did you do that? I didn’t know it was possible. Did you do something besides install the classic editor pluggin?

You can use plugins to disable Gutenberg editor. For instance i used this one.

If any of your theme using latest version of WPBakery, the option is there as well.


Thank you all for sharing useful insight on PHP 7.3. I would just like to add that please leverage the staging feature of Cloudways platform before switching PHP versions. It is easy and will save you a lot of time if things do not go well.

Ibad Rehman
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Didn’t try PHP 7.3 but thinking to upgrade soon :thinking:

As PHP versions will be changed at Server level, this is what i did last time before moving from PHP5 to PHP7.

  1. I created a new server(as it is billed per hour basis) only for few days for testing my app’s on it.
  2. I cloned/stag my app’s on to the new server and start updating WordPress as well as plugins to be sure everything works fine.
  3. On new server i enabled SHORT OPEN TAG option on for any old PHP codes in my app.
  4. Once i get sure PHP is working fine, I updated MySQL version as well.
  5. If you find every app is working smoothly on your new server, you can follow the same procedure on your old server and delete the new server later on.
  6. Just don’t break anything :sweat_smile:

Use Disable Gutenberg plugin

Actually did u upgraded to 7.3 or not?

I’ve been upgrading to 7.3 a few days ago, and I do not notice any problems. It seems to me that my woocommerce based website is loading faster on mobile.