How do you rate Cloudways support? [RESOLVED]

What do you think about ticket support?
What about LiveChat?

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Nothing worse when you need to explain a simple thing for an hour to get it done in next 2 days from support agent to ticket support. That doesn’t give good impression to a Managed WordPress hosting.

So, I can say technical support quality is average, where speed of getting responses are unpredictable. Sometimes quick, effective and sometimes very slow.

How this thing can be better?

  • hire more experienced professional who can go extra mile to troubleshoot the problem, find solution quickly, instead dropping docs link, making wait for an hour, and returning no to nothing.
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Tickets are quite slow to get solved and sometimes even to get on the support pipeline. Live Chat tends to be much better, but some supporters doesn’t have the proper level or some are (ver rare) not very prone to help. It all depends on the person. But I always give the imediate feedback after the Chat session, telling how I feel about that support. I hope you guys get those feedbacks and use them properly. Cheers!

I am having issues with getting answers from Cloudways support.
I am really worried switch our website to Cloudways because my experience is that support requests are ignored for a long time and there is no way to speed up reply when it is urgent.
I am facing similar issues like other guys described here: There's no more technical support at CloudWays?

It was good in the past but right now it is TERRIBLE. They broke into my backend to change something without telling me, which may be normal in the industry but alarming considering we had a hacker break in the other week. A simple heads up would have been nice. Then when problem still remained and I needed more help they pointed their finger to the problem they created!! And it is still not resolved even after escalating to manager, it’s been over a week with no response. I don’t know how any real business could continue with these guys. Amateur hour!


I apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please message me your registered email address and allow me to look into this matter personally.

Thank You.
Ibad Rehman
Community Manager


But, to be fair it’s been similar for a good while. (like over a year; the owner is aware of the issues too)

Maybe they don’t have the revenue to hire even good support staff?

Hey @nicksanderos,

I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused. If you are facing any issues, please share the details with me or direct message me so I can further investigate.

Thank You.
Ibad Rehman

My client asked a simple question, when credit expires?

In response: Escalating this, we will update you on Monday via e-mail.

We had selected “Billing” before initiating chat. Wondering, Is it 24/7 support?

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