How do I get to talk to a real person and not a bot?

Hi, I am new here and I am not familiar with everything, but it looks like I can’t get to talk to someone, whatever I try in the chat I get a prerecorded messages from Cloudways Bot… Am I missing something? I don’t get access to a real person?

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Eight hours and counting waiting for a reply to a ticket for me. As first impressions go, I’m not impressed.

ask any question that bot cant understand and you will be transferred to human.

Yes, I agree the bot is very annoying and persisting. My experience is the same as what asb786 above suggested. Keep asking till the bot is ‘out of options’ and will connect you to a human.

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Whenever I type “Cloudways Support” in the chat, I am shortly after connected to a human being

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I tried with “Cloudways Support” and it worked… Thanks…

Go to the chat widget and type something like “fajdsfajsdkjfhaldfa” :slight_smile:
That’s too much for the “robot brain”.