How can we use our own subdomain as cdn url in cloudways cdn?


Hi, anyone set up cloudways cdn already ? how can i add my own subdomain as cdn url ? there is no option for that in cloudways dashboard?

Suppose my site is, and i want to host cdn on instead of stackpath url?


You can´t, would love that feature though … =)


that how cdns work usually. even stackpath have this option.


You can easily do it. I have applied CDN on a subdomain in a Laravel project and also written an article on it. you can take a look at this article (focus on the applying cdn part) you can skip what i did in laravel project.


thats not really what he was talking about. he wants a option where this subdomain delivers static assets via a cookie free domain instead of using the ugly raw URL that CW offers at this point.

from what I can see in your article you use the raw URL and not a subdomain to deliver static assets.


Yes, I believe I misunderstood the question, It’s a very nice suggested feature. I am forwarding it to the concerned team.


Hi @muhammedanees53 Can you please submit this feedback at
@bohlin Upvote the suggestion posted by Anees. :wink:


Hi @mustaasam.saleem any updates for this suggestion? I am waiting this feature before i am subscribe to cloudways CDN


Hi @putu.eka.darmadi

Here you go: :slight_smile:


Thank you for your notice @mustaasam.saleem
Its a great addition in to Cloudways CDN.

But there is another thing that i would like to ask, is there canonical tag on the image serve from Cloudways CDN?


Hi @putu.eka.darmadi

Yes - It is enabled by default.


Do we have to purchase separate SSL for custom URL??? can’t we use let’s_encrypt?