How can I use subdirectory with Cloudways

Can’t figure it out. It was easy with Cpanel but looks almost impossible with CloudWays to me.

Cloudways won’t allow you to place apps under subdirectories. Since Cloudways offers managed app hosting, it wouldn’t be possible to reconcile managing these apps and placing them inside the folders of other apps.

You can, however, manually (e.g. without using the ADD APPLICATION option) install anything under a subdirectory inside an app’s folder.

Hi @garrycharlies

Can you please clarify it a bit. What do you want to achieve in a subdirectory?

@mustaasam.saleem To achieve the following:

  1. (Cloudways application installed one-click) + (separate wordpress install where the folder “blog” lies within application folder (or public_html) of in shared hosting with cpanel.)

We are facing the same issue migrating. Before we had /blog folder under main domain’s html_public directory. In cloudways, each application has its own folder with config files (Varnish, ssl settings etc). Hence, our option was to install manually and create a database separately via an app (Which is a roundabout way: Restore+ cloning issues?). So the questions arise:

  1. Will we benefit from the optimizations (specially varnish related) that comes with cloudways if we manually upload wordpress than use it as an application? We need a kb to understand how varnish and redis will work for manually created wordpress installations for subdirectory. where the supporting application folder files are missing.

Any idea how to address the above?



You can install Wordpress manually in sub-folder of application and as you mentioned use a default PHP app for its database.

Varnish should work fine as long as it is properly configured through caching plugin like Breeze as per the following link:

You can use Redis as well, to configure please refer to Method 2 in the following link:

Faizan Shah

Hello, Cloudways don’t have direct one click installation feature. If you want to install WordPress on subdirectory like, then read this step by step guide here-

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It’s not possible to create a new subdirectory WordPress site on Cloudways directly. But you can always install it via File Manager. This guide should be helpful: