How can I tell how much disk space an application is using?


Coming from another hosting company where in my WHM I can always quickly glance and see how much disk space is being used by an application, I’m not sure how I can find that same type of information on Cloudways. Even on the server page, it tells your disk size but not easily what % is being used even for the server without digging into monitoring.

For individual applications on that server, I have no idea which one is using the most space, etc.


You’d have to log in over ssh and use du -hs path/to/directory/. I assign a custom application “name” in the app settings, which creates an alias of the app with a name I can understand. So if the app is actually “sfxdjwnlpm” and I gave it the alias “_mysite”, I log in to ssh and do du -hs applications/_mysite/.


Hi @larry,

As @greg.perham has already pointed out, you can use SSH to check that.

Disk space monitoring feature has been requested already and our DevOps team is already working on integrating it with our platform.

Please also upvote the feature on Cloudways feedback.

Ibad Rehman


Thanks everyone - it’s good to know it’s being worked on.


Wasn’t this suppose to be available last month?

from the feedback thread:

We are hoping to release the features in December ’18.


Any updates on this?


Hi @admin22,

The feature is added now. Please refer to your Application Management dashboard.

Ibad Rehman
Community Manager